Let’s Get to Know Plant Cultivation Techniques Using Hydroponics, Guaranteed to be Fun!

Planting by hydroponics is a way of cultivating plants without using soil in the method of cultivation. So in the cultivation of this technique, it only uses water which is used as a planting medium.  In this technique itself, it is more concerned with the content of nutrients contained in the water to meet the nutrients that the plant needs.

Has Various Advantages

If you may have doubts, but in fact cultivating plants using this technique is able to produce fruit faster than conventional planting by using this technique which does not require soil for planting media.

Regarding the place, you can put the hydroponic installation wherever you want as long as the light intensity and the amount of nutrients are met properly. For this cultivation technique itself, the soil media replacement medium only serves to support the plants you want to plant and to dissolve the nutrients that will later be sucked in by the plants.

History of Hydroponics

Hydroponic technique according to Mikarajuddin is a way of cultivating plants by not using soil for the place to plant these plants. A very striking difference between planting using these techniques and using soil lies in the food substances given to plants. Especially inorganic substances if you use water medium.

The floating raft cultivation technique is one of the first ways of cultivating plants in the history of the technique by using styrofoam by hollowing it out as a place to grow your plants. Later the styrofoam will float on the water that has been filled with nutrients in the reservoir.

Water Circulation Mechanism

Later the roots of your plants that have been in the water will be nourished. If in ordinary hydroponic techniques, nutrition will do a circulation, but when you use styrofoam, the roots of your plants will soak in an aqueous solution that has been given these nutrients.

The water will not circulate because it is deliberately made to stagnate in the tub reservoir. One of the advantages is that you can use land on a narrow land scope. This is such an easy and very simple installation of the plant. Now you no longer need to have a very deep skill, as well as save electricity.

One of the things that this technique lacks is that later the plants you will plant will experience a lack of oxygen and accelerate the occurrence of changes in temperature that increase. As well as these plants also need a pH that you always control so that the concentration is stable.

Benefits of Using Hydroponic Techniques

There are so many benefits that you can get when using this plant planting technique. That is, you are able later to produce plants that are of better quality than the previous plants, the plants you plant will be avoided by pests and you can save on daily fertilizer use.

You can also save space because when using this one method you no longer need to use a very large area of land to plant crops.  And the last one will be a plant that you will but will become a plant that grows quickly and is able to provide savings in the form of energy and time.

How to Plant Hydroponic Techniques

Of course you will ask questions about what preparations you will need later. You will definitely learn if you do hydroponic planting is not just random, because there will definitely be new knowledge that you have gained. Regarding the method itself we will explain to you in full in the review below.

  1. Seeding

In the early stages when you are just getting into the world of this one plant, what you have to prepare carefully – mature is in the seeds belonging to the plant. You can do this by sowing seeds to become seedlings that are later ready for you to move.

You can do a variety of manufactures – agricultural products such as kale, spinach, and others. Try to prepare your preparation you must do before the two-week planting period using the hydroponic system  that we have introduced to you all.

  1. Types of Hydroponic Farming Systems

There are so many types of systems that you can choose for yourself when deciding to use this system as the main system in cultivating plants. You can get to know the NFT system, wick, floating raft, and many others. If the beginning of your farming is still only a hobby, then it’s a good idea to use the wick system only in farming.

  1. The Farming Media You Need

If you want to do this one way of cultivation you only need a place to grow plants using a variety of equipment and tools that you may have to prepare first before doing suitable planting with the technique.

Later you can use planting media in the form of rockwool, burnt husks, sand, and others. Then you can buy other equipment in the form of a starter kit to complete the installation you have made before.

  1. Nutrition

Nutrition is very important to give to your cultivated plants because the success rate of cultivation is determined by the nutrients provided. If you plant without using nutrients, it will have an impact on the results you will get later. The nutrition itself consists of micro and macro elements that must be contained in order to supply into the plant.

  1. Cultivation

If you have prepared everything then you only have to do the cultivation after you plant the seedlings, then you just have to do the maintenance. Try later the use of nutrients must be the same as the needs of plants so that their growth and development become optimal.

  1. Harvesting

Harvesting is the last stage in the cultivation, regarding the results of the production itself it depends on what you want to want. If you want it on a production scale then you have to provide quite a lot of installation. However, if you want the amount of production on a home scale only then you only need to make one installation.

Commonly Grown Plants

It’s nice not to cultivate plants using hydroponic techniques? Of course, because there are so many types of plants that you can cultivate using this one technique. Starting from vegetable crops such as lettuce, spinach, cucumber, to fruits such as strawberries, watermelons, and others.

In fact, this cultured technique is very well known and familiar among urban people. They are used to doing urban farming to channel their hobbies in farming, so it’s no wonder that these hobbies are able to meet their vegetable and fruit needs every month.


Thus our article this time reviews about hydroponics starting from understanding to how to use it which is quite easy for you to try yourself at home. In addition to growing hydroponics sparingly on the land, also planting with this technique is able to provide more health value to you if you consume it continuously. Good luck.

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